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Environmental Concepts
& Designs, LTD

P.O. Box 587
Brookline Station, MO 65738
Office: (417)890-1463
Fax: (417)823-7042


Corporate Profile
EC&D Offers a Full Spectrum of Services beginning with funding procurement, facility design, construction, supported by the ability to over see long or short term operations and/or system management.  We are experienced in assisting our clients in the siting, permitting, and development of their site. We have had great success in expansion and reorganization of existing facilities. Our goal is to work within our clients means to develop sustainable efficient operations that increase revenues through a more effective handling of waste and product streams.

Principal Alan Chappell and staff have more than thirty years of experience and demonstrated success in the following areas:

Principals Background & Experience

Source Separated Organic Composting Facilities

Mulch and Composting Production Facilities

Organic Soil Orosion Control Practice (OSECP2)

C & D Recycling Centers/Landfills

Recycling Systems and Programs 

Public Recycling Drop-Off Facility


Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Collection/ Drop Off Facilities 

Environmental Concepts & Designs (EC&D) has been involved in the siting, design, permitting, construction, expansion and management of the above types of facilities for both the public and private sectors. The implementation and ongoing management of our programs will:

Reduce your operating and solid waste costs

Produce new and higher grade end-products

Generate increased revenues for your recyclables, compost and mulches 

Provide safer and more efficient operations through more efficient equipment, an increased labor performance and reduced material handling costs

We have the knowledge and ability to take your ideas and develop them into a natural reality. Our company has successfully represented clients at the local, state and federal level.

We develop, implement and manage sustainable composting, C&D's recycling, hazardous waste, solid waste, source reduction, waste minimization and materials recovery projects for clients. EC&D performs in both the public and private sectors. We also design and implement energy efficiency programs and upgrades.

We perform feasibility studies, research funding opportunities, write grants and foundation funding applications and procure low interest loans for clients.  EC&D performs both operations and waste audits and utilizes this information to modify or design more efficient, cost effective systems/programs that generate less wastes. We provide projected modification or program costs and revenues to clients to facilitate an informed decision about placement of any project or program.

We offer a turn-key service or perform any project component as required. EC&D provides total project management services including construction and operations management, material flow auditing, contractor rate negotiations, payment disbursement, continued product development and marketing services.

We develop and implement education and information programs or campaigns as a stand alone service or in conjunction with any program or service we provide to a client. We also provide complete marketing services as a stand alone program or as a component of a developed and implemented program.

EC&D will design the safest, most efficient, cost effective and environmentally correct program for your environmental business or public sector operation.



Organic Soil Erosion Control

C&D Recycling Programs
& Facilities